Esmilla Family Recipes

I decided to start this blog last night while I was trying to remember, again, how to make the filling for meat empanadas.  Normally, I would call Mommy Dita (my Mom) but being that it was past 11pm back in NY, I decided to wing it.

Almost every week, I call back home (NY) to ask Mom about ingredients for a dish – whether it’s a Filipino recipe or something I remember from childhood.  I’ve been doing this for YEARS.  During every call Mom asks, “Bakit hindi mo sinisulat?” why don’t you write the recipe?

I know that this is an experience similar to those of my cousins who call home to their mothers or fathers for old family recipes.  Well, here is our chance to get them written down in one place at long last.

Recipes that have been passed down from Lola Lilay to my Mom (Dita), Uncle Pito, Auntie Baby & Uncle Manny.  Of course our Esmilla family recipes would not be complete without the delicious Italian dishes that Auntie Kay has enriched the family palate with or the seafood specialties of Auntie Lel.  Nor would it be complete without adding the new recipes that the cousins and spouses and cousins-in-law have come up with over the last several years (Iko’s breads & cakes & longanisa come to mind!).

I’m hoping that over the next few months, we can put quite a good directory of recipes together that we can share with one another now and with our children in the future.

In that vein, dear relatives, please send me your recipes, share pictures of your creations and/or post suggestions!

Also, feel free to comment as well if you have variations to a recipe that you’ve enjoyed

Bon Appetit!


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