To whet your appetites, here are the recipes we hope to compile over the next few months. These lists were sent by Angela (I’ve interjected a few comments in black and striked-thru recipes already provided in this blog):

  • Pochero w/ banana sauce
  • Auntie Dita’s – Lola’s macaroni
  • Auntie Dita’s morcon
  • Auntie Dita’s flan
  • Auntie Dita’s – lumpia
  • Chicken w/ ginger sauce
  • Hot chocolate w/ pinipig and peanut butter
  • My favorite rice w/ the chicken, chorizo
  • Dad’s cake
  • Dad’s homemade puffed pop corn
  • Apritada
  • Dad’s pork adobo wrapped in banana leaves

And an email in its entirety from Angela (careful – your cholesterol & weight will go up just reading this):

The best part about all of this are all the childhood memories that are coming back… typing from my blackberry <snip>…

And Dad will give us recipes, but no measurements (just like my Mom!) or sometimes forget to give you a key ingredient, so expect to do a lot of trial & error till you get it right…

OMG, how could we forget Lola’s salad dressing – the salad with the potatoes and greens, and little bits of beef and onions in the dressing.

  • Auntie Dita’s pecan tarts
  • Auntie Dita’s boat cookies wrapped in cellophane

I loved these so much, I used to sneak my hands into the displays and pick out the good ones, and attempt to re-arrange so no one would notice – I think Auntie Dita always knew ;), because she always had a separate tupperware hidden just for me .

  • Auntie Dita’s ensaymada – I often remember coming home from school and seeing a bunch of rising rolls sitting on the kitchen table
  • Auntie Dita’s bbq
  • Auntie Dita’s sotanghon
  • Auntie Dita’s mami soup
  • Auntie Dita’s fresh lumpia
  • Auntie Dita’s roast beef
  • arroz caldo – Dad always made this for me when I was sick, with little bits of fried garlic on top for decoration.  I remember it so fondly that I still prepare it for Skye in the same way.

some of the every day basics:

  • nilaga
  • tinola
  • sinigang

I can’t ever remember a time where we didn’t have rice, some sort of soup and something crunchy to go with it (lumpia, fried beef tapa, fried pork, etc.).  And as a working Mom, can’t imagine how my Dad managed to always have these yummy homemade meals for us all the time.

  • Dad’s chicken adobo with gata, served with sininaag
  • Dad’s kare-kare – YUM.  Funny thing here, is I remember the top of that pressure cooker (which he cooked this in) whistling all the time – it used to drive me NUTS!

I don’t eat it, but everyone loves his bagoong, too – all I remember is the house smelling of garlic, and freezing in the middle of winter because that was the only time Dad would ever cook that stuff.  There was snow on the roof, but every door and window in the house was open.  (heh, I remember that!)

Some weekend breakfast favorites in my house, courtesy of Dad, of course:

  • -Sininaag w/ tapa, longanisa, bangus, or fried dilis dipped in datung puti (with peppers); always fried bananas and hot chocolate with pinipig.
  • -Corned beef omelettes w/ sininaag
  • -Inday used to make the BEST french pancakes, and she’s also perfected quite a few of Auntie Dita & Dad’s recipes, so we have to hit her up, too!
  • Dad’s fried rice with little burnt pieces  at the bottom of the pan – mmmm
  • Dad’s lengua in the little puffed pastries – wow, can’t remember the last time we had those!

And all the times Dad made cakes and sans-rival.  He would spend hours on those cake rolls.  And start ALL over if it was even a little overcooked.  If the cakes ever looked shorter than usual, it’s because I would cut off the ends while Dad was preparing and eat some for myself.

  • Dad’s French onion soup
  • Dad’s garlic fried peanuts
  • Dad’s stuffed sea bass with crabmeat

Wow, we really ate well back then – sure beats the BK takeout I had last night :(.

Angela is right – we really ate well back then.  If we weren’t eating Filipino food at our house, we were eating it at Uncle Manny’s.  And if we weren’t eating Filipino, it was Italian at Uncle Pito’s and Auntie Kay’s house.  Here is a list that Anthony & I came up with of our favorites by Auntie Kay:

Auntie Kay’s Sauce (really…there is no other and it is NOT easy to get right!) AND

  • quick sauce
  • spaghetti
  • lasagna
  • eggplant
  • cauliflower patties
  • baked chicken with peas
  • chicken marsala
  • frozen pineapple dessert

I’m thinking that tomorrow would be a good day to make eggplant parmesan…I think Rio & Sylvi would love it.

Well, time to sign off.  I think I’ll make myself a peanut butter & no-sugar jelly sandwich now.  😦

I’m back; I just remembered a few others I don’t want to forget; again, a few courtesy of Anthony:

  • Mom’s chicken potato salad
  • Mom’s macaroni salad
  • Inday’s turon
  • Uncle Manny’s diniguan (for those of us brave enough to make it)
  • Uncle Manny’s lengua (be sure to ask butcher to skin it unlike when Mom tried & had to call Uncle Manny for help – heh)
  • Uncle Manny’s brazo mercedes
  • Kuya Cris’ paksiw
  • Mom’s empanaditas
  • Mom’s arroz valenciana (almost exactly the same as the arroz valenciana we had at our Madrid hotel several years ago)


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