A Note About Measurements

…or lack thereof.  Most of our family recipes come without measurements.   No indication of cups, pounds, teaspoons or tablespoons.

For as long as I can remember, that is the way it’s always been.  My Mom has only had to come up with “measurements” when I’ve pressed her for them and that’s really only been with adobo.  Get those proportions wrong & you get funky tasting adobo.  Not bad…but not “Mommy’s adobo”.

I once asked Auntie Baby how come she doesn’t use measurements either & in her characteristic way, she balked with a twinkle in her eye & said, “WHY?  You have to use measurements?  You don’t need measurements.  Your Lola didn’t use measurements.”

Ah-hah!  The gauntlet thrown down.  I will not cook using measurements either!

I imagine my son & daughter will ask the same of me one day.  🙂

So for those of you “not in the family” and wondering how to make sense of it, it’s been trial & error for us.  Bambie, my sister-in-law and I have discussed what we’re doing wrong because our adobo still doesn’t taste like Mommy’s.  Same ingredients but still not quite there.  We’re getting there though.  We have to or WE will turn into adobo.


2 thoughts on “A Note About Measurements

  1. Ugh, measurements. So many times, I’ve asked Dad to give me measurements. In fact, I’ve often watched over his shoulder, attempting to take down measurements for myself. Only to watch him put a cup of one ingredient in at the beginning, and progressively add a little bit more whenever he felt the need – and then a little bit more.. and a little bit more.. and a little bit more. The only way to truly replicate these recipes is to have eaten them before, and know what they’re supposed to taste like.

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