Mayos’ List

Mayos sent me a list as well.  I’m so glad that my cousins are getting involved!

lola lilay’s pancit bami

Lola’s sinigang na baka

Lola’s fried fish with milk sauce

Chicken diniguan with grated papaya

langlang soup – sotanghon soup with tenga ng daga (a type of mushroom) & chorizo

Ask Uncle Manny  or your mom for recipes with “pako”– edible fern.  Dad found some “pako” in the wet market in july– we substituted blanched pako– as substitute for the greens when dad made lolo lilay’s salad (actually dad told us– this salad is originally lolo iyo’s salad:  which consist of slices of beef steak, boiled eggs and potatoes,  sliced tomatoes, and cucmber with beef steak sauce w/ onions combined with vinegar for the dressing– turned out so good– pako tasted even better than lettuce in this salad.

Dad also made ginitaang pako.

Lola also used to cook some recipes with santol– I wonder if your mom would remember any of those?

This is an interesting list from Mayos.  I am not familiar with some of these recipes.  I definitely was not familiar with the santol dishes (which we can’t get in the States unfortunately – but I’ll see if Mom, Uncle Manny or Uncle Pito remember so everyone in the Philippines can have the recipe) nor with what “pako” is.  My friend Tina informed me that it is “fiddlefern”.  Which still means nothing to me.  🙂  After some googling, I found out that it is “edible fern” that tastes similar to watercress but less peppery.

BTW – I LOVE Santol and am so jealous that my brother gets to go back to the Philippines next month and eat some!  You can read a little bit more about santol and an interesting recipe here:  Of Santol….


2 thoughts on “Mayos’ List

  1. thanks for the link back. haven’t updated my blog in a while. sinantolan remains as one of my favorite comfort foods. 🙂

    • I hope you continue to update…it’s very informative especially for a Filipina in the States who craves childhood food & memories of the Philippines!

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