My Potato Salad

I discovered a potato salad published in the New York Times several years ago.  Unfortunately, I also lost the recipe several years ago and have no idea who wrote it.  All I know is that it is one of my favorite recipes for potato salad.  My Mom’s potato salad is right up there with this one.

Since I’ve been making this from memory all these years, I have no idea what any of the measurements are so you’ll have to adjust to your taste.

Before I get started, though, I thought I’d share this fool-proof method of peeling potatoes without a peeler.  That’s right:  WITHOUT A PEELER!

If you’ve already seen this video and still aren’t using this method, then you need to watch again and ask yourself “Why am I still using a paring knife or peeler to peel potatoes?  Why do I want yucky potato-ness all over my fingers?”.

Here’s Dawn Wells aka “Mary Ann” from Gilligan’s Island:

Amazing, right?  It works in case you’re feeling skeptical about it.  Dipping each potato into an ice bath may seem time-consuming but believe me, it’s no comparison to peeling a potato the conventional way.

Here’s that potato salad recipe:

Boiled potatoes – cubed

Bacon – crumbled – do NOT discard the bacon grease & bits!

Onion – chopped

Hard-boiled eggs – chopped

Relish – or better yet, chopped sweet pickles

1/4 cup – 1/2 cup Pickle juice


Louisiana-style hot sauce

Combine pickle juice and some of the bacon grease & bits.  The mixture should have more pickle juice than bacon grease but don’t be too skimpy on the bacon fat.  You just don’t want it to get too oily.  Be generous with the pickle juice which will get absorbed by the potatoes.

Generously coat chopped potatoes with the pickle juice/bacon grease mixture.    Add chopped onions, chopped pickles/relish and fried bacon.

Combine mayo and about 2 tbs (to start…you can determine how spicy you’d like it) of the Louisiana-style hot sauce.

Add mayo to potato mixture.  Season with salt (taste your bacon after cooking; the saltier the bacon the less salt you’ll need – at least if you’re watching your salt intake!) and pepper.

NOTE:  For the salad today, I used just under 5 lbs of potatoes, about 12 strips of bacon and 4 boiled “jumbo” eggs.


2 thoughts on “My Potato Salad

  1. B –

    Thanks for the recipe! I’m going to try this.

    I think I’ll probably use Chili Garlic Sauce or Sriracha instead of the Louisiana-style hot sauce though. That’ll give it more garlic, more heat, and less vinegar (since you already have plenty with the pickle juice!)


    • Let me know how that turns out. I have Sriracha here so I’d be interested to know. The kids had extra helpings for er, breakfast, this morning so it may be a hit with your little spud down the line!

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