It’s That Time Of Year Again…

…when we can’t help but think of the goodies we grew up with during the Christmas holidays.  Even though I did not grow up in the Philippines, my mother still made sure to make all the traditional fare that her family enjoyed during the holidays:  palabok, morcon, leche flan, queso de bola, lumpias, hamon (ham), arroz valenciana, Lola’s macaroni, empanaditas, pecan tarts – I could go on & on but I’d be here all afternoon!

We also spent many of our childhood Christmases at our Uncle Pito’s and Auntie’s Kay house where Italian fare reigned supreme.  Why?  Because Auntie Kay’s mom hailed from the Naples/Napoli region in Italy (not Florida).  You could count on wonderful traditional dishes made by Nanny and then later, Auntie Kay.    Delicious, delicious lasagnas and seafood dishes – my favorite being crispy calamari.

My wish list this year includes all of the above but we’ll probably include a roasted capon (or turkey breast) for my America husband and a white/cream pasta of some sort.  I am hoping to cull those recipes from a book I just ordered:   The Splendid Table: Recipes from Emilia-Romagna, the Heartland of Northern Italian Food by Lynne Rossetto Kasper.  I first became aware of this recipe book through my former boss’s wife.  They love Northern Italian cuisine and wanted to do something different for Christmas.   When they told me what they had planned for their Christmas meal, I just had to follow suit.  It was delicious:  Roasted capon and Tagliatelle with Caramelized Oranges and Almonds.  I don’t know if this would suit my parents’ taste but I know it does mine!

Calamari.  MUST add calamari to the mix, too!


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