Vietnamese Cooking

My family loves Vietnamese food!  DH and I had our favorite place in San Diego, my brother and his wife have a favorite place in Houston and my parents always enjoy finding great Vietnamese food whether on their own or with all of us.

In San Diego, we used to frequent “Saigon” – just a short drive from our house.  LOVED, loved that place!  At almost every visit we had the same friendly waiter and the service was always the same:  courteous and helpful.  The food?  Wonderful!  It was at Saigon that I learned to love broken rice with grilled bbq pork, Vietnamese egg rolls and the yummy sauce to go with it.  The fresh spring rolls were delish as well.  As funny as it may sound, one of my other favorite dishes there was Mongolian Beef.  My friend MichelleK turned me onto it.  MichelleK uses Mongolian Beef as her “standard” – the quality of a restaurant’s Mongolian Beef gives her an idea of the rest of the menu.  Good Mongolian Beef equals good food.  Great Mongolian Beef equals great food…and so on.  Their Mongolian Beef is amazing!!!!  I still haven’t tasted anything quite that good.  I need to add that to my list of things to experiment on.

A few days ago, one of my friend’s on FB posted a photo of Bun Thit Nuong & Nuoc Cham – grilled Vietnamese pork & sauce.  She kindly shared her BIL’s recipe with me and I tried my hand at it last night.  All in all, it came out very well.  My brother even commented that it was just about the same as his go-to place.  The difference?  Mine was extra crispy – not exactly how it should be cooked.

When I repeat this (and I surely will!), I am going to take my brother’s suggestion and use the George Foreman grill.  I will have to invest in a pretty large GF grill though.  🙂

I decided to add Cha Gio (egg rolls) to the menu.  Kim Porter, our amazing photographer friend (normally I would just say “friend” but she IS an amazing photographer and I get a kick out of making sure everyone reading knows that!), provided me with a recipe that is tried and true.  That’s exactly what I wanted – a tried & true recipe.

Must finish up something else…but recipes to be posted in the next day or so.

Coming up in October:

Kare-kare, Korean BBQ